January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017

                                                                                   January 10, 2017                                                                                          

Executive Blog

Hey everyone and welcome back from the break! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and celebrated New Years in fashion! Although the semester is early, it is never to early to start lining up that awesome summer job searching for that full time gig! The second annual Lazaridis Networking Gala is right around the corner! Companies like the big four accounting firms, the big five banks, and lots of CPG companies will be in attendance and are eager and excited to meet students looking for a job!

Head on over to lng.lazsoc.ca to grab your ticket! Your chance to buy a ticket is running out! 
See you all there!

Nick Dibiase
Vice President of Corporate Relations

Lazaridis Students’ Society

Name: Alex Watson

Program: Honours BBA

Year: 2 

What’s your favourite Laurier moment?

Living in University Place and being a part of UP house council was one of the best experiences of my life so far. I’ve never seen a group of people become so closely knit as UP last year, and it was truly an amazing thing to be a part of it. As for an individual moment, I would have to say UP winning the Spirit Cup at Hawk Weekend 2016 and the celebration that followed that night. I would have never imagined a group of 18 and 19 year old kids getting so fired up over something like Hawk Weekend and I think that’s a huge testament to the kind of energy this school has.  

If you could give your first year self one piece of advice, what would it be?

If I could, I would tell myself to say yes to as many things as possible, even the things I wasn’t entirely sure about. A lot of the best things I’ve got to experience at Laurier I sort of stumbled into by accident through living that way. The thing with university is that in a lot of ways it’s a sprint and not a marathon and lots of opportunities won’t come your way twice, so take them when you can.


If you could switch places with anyone for 24 hours, who would it be?

As tempting as it is to say Dan Bilzerian, I’m going to go with Prince George. Not only would it be sweet to be care free and 3 years old again, but to have it made the way he does would be a dream. To drink some juice boxes and play with Hot Wheels in the hallways of Buckingham Palace, hangout with the Queen, and have Kate Middleton carry me around everywhere, that right there is the good life.

What’s your favourite course you’ve ever taken? Why?

Taking NO105 (Billionaires, Beavers, & Banditos) in first year was really cool for a lot of reasons. I remember taking it as a change of pace from the usual Business and Economics course grind, but what truly made it awesome was having Kevin Spooner and Bina Mehta teach it at the same time. I haven’t experienced anything quite like a married couple simultaneously teaching a class and jokingly taking shots at each other the whole time. To top it all off they both clearly love what they’re teaching, which helps.


In the movie of your life who would play you?

Tough call, I’m going to go with Ben Affleck though. That guy is a quality actor, seems like a smart dude, and he’s friends in real life with Tom Brady, I can’t think of much more that I would want in someone to recreate a much better looking version of my life.

It’s Friday night, you’re in Waterloo, and your friends want to go out. Where do you go?

Easy answer. Pub on King. The thing with Pub is that no matter what you’re in the mood for you can get it there. If you want to dance, you can dance. If you want to just hangout at a booth with friends and have a beer you can do that too. Rarely do we spend a night at Pub and not have good things happen.  Dallas is also a guaranteed good time if you’re willing to make the trip. 



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11:00AM- Laurier Consulting Club – BCG Day

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9:30AM- DECA Laurier – Charged Up

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 Leadership Positions Available with AIESEC Laurier!
AIESEC Laurier is looking for the movers and shakers, driven individuals interested in developing professionally and joining an organization with a core purpose and an outstanding culture. We have various positions in the following areas aimed towards developing your arsenal of skills and activating your potential, while allowing you to do the same for others:
-Corporate Relations 
-Corporate Relations 
-Account Delivery 
-Human Resources
-Exchange Program Management
Deadline to apply: Thurs Jan 12th 2017, 11:59pm