March 14, 2017

March 14, 2017

 March 14, 2017 

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 Happy Tuesday Golden Hawks! As you whether this cold weather this week just want to remind everyone to stay safe and warm. I hope school has been treating you well, and always remember to take a break to relax or participate in other activities to enjoy yourself. This week we have our annual 5 Days for the Homeless campaign running so if you have an opportunity please visit the volunteers and learn about the cause just outside FNCC. Just over a week from now, LazSoc is excited to host our signature event Year End Gala. We have all been hard at work to put together a great event so make sure you purchase your tickets while they are still available.
Finally, this upcoming Friday is St.Patrick’s Day. Although it is a Laurier tradition to celebrate with your friends – I want to remind everyone to be cautious of classes, and other students still on campus and to abide by our university safety protocols.


Varun Desai
Vice President of Marketing & Communications 
Lazaridis Students’ Society

Name: Xavier Prosper       

Program: Communications W/ Management Option

Year: 4

If you could give first year students one piece of advice before exams, what would it be?

 If I could give first students one piece of advice before exams, it’s to not be afraid to study in a group. When a concept is particularly complicated, it can always be helpful to have someone give you their opinion to help you understand. Even if you believe you have a full understanding of all the class concepts, helping a class mate understand it in your own words can deepen your understanding of course material.


What’s your favorite Laurier moment?

My favorite Laurier memory moment was throwing an event called DiaBeat This. This event was held at Brixton for JDRF (The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).  This event came about following a late-night discussion after the bar where a dear friend of mine Marwan expressed interest in giving back to foundations that supported him throughout his childhood. After reaching out to Brixton, they agreed to rent us the bar for the
night free of charge because we were supporting a good cause. Thanks to efforts from Marwan, Jacob Stewart, and the brothers from the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity we sold nearly 300 tickets in the form of shirts and had a crazy night at Brixton.

Shameless plug:

Where’s your favorite place to go out in Waterloo? Why?

During my first couple of years at Laurier my favorite place to go out in waterloo was Phil’s(Classic).  After turning 19 it’s impossible to resist visiting Phil’s for some 2$ drinks and the poles. Now that I’m in my fourth year, my favorite place to go out in waterloo would have to be Pub on King. From half price bottles of wine on Thursday to 25 cent wings on Sundays, it’s hard to say no a night out at pub.

What’s your dream job? Who would you be working for, what would your role be, and where would you be living?

 After school I intend on pursuing a career in sales because the pay structure allows you to determine your own earning potential. My dream Job is working in software sales for a high growth tech company ideally in California. I believe that working for a company that is just growing out of the startup stage provides an interesting corporate culture that keeps the weekly visits to work appealing. My ideal role would be either an account executive or outside sales representative as it would allow me to work with a variety clients.  Being a very social person I am excited by careers that allow me to meet new people while providing tangible benefits to their organization.


In your opinion, what’s the best meal to grab on campus and where is the ideal study spot?

In my opinion the best meal on campus has to be the buffalo chicken sandwich at Wilfs. During exams Wilfs is always open late at night making it take out the perfect late night meal. When it comes to study spots, a year ago, I would have said grabbing a classroom in the SBE Building was ideal. All the desks have outlets and if you are a very social person it’s free of all the distractions that come with studying in the concourse. With the addition of the new business building this year I have to say I’ve become of a big fan of working in Laz Hall. Laz hall by far has the most comfortable seats on campus, and the open concept of the first floor manages to keep the noise down. 




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No Events Today!

No events today!

No events today!

5:00PM – Lazaridis Students’ Society – Year End Gala 2017

7:00PM – Laurier Economics Club – EC140 Mock Midterm

7:00PM – Laurier Economics Club – EC290 Mock Midterm

No events today!

No events today!

No events today!

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