September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017

Name: Ben Campbell

Program: Business Administration (just transferred from Economics!)

Year: 2

When you moved into res what were the items you wished you would have brought, and the things you wish you didn’t bring at all?

Living so close to Laurier was nice because I could always go back home to drop or pick things up. I wish I didn’t have as many pairs of shoes with me. I had at least 2 pairs of them for every potential situation. Some of my floormates would tell you however they wish I didn’t bring my guitar due to some late night jam sessions. On the other hand, I wish I brought more food with me. I bought a massive pack of Mr. Noodles on the 1st day and that came in pretty clutch a few late nights.

What are the do’s and dont’s when it comes to eating at Laurier?

Harvey’s has always been my go to on campus. When the line is long at the dining hall, it’s always worth it to go there. Bricker Subway is a close 2nd, but do not go there after a lecture gets out! At Wilf’s, get mozza sticks.  They are very underrated especially at 1am. Off campus, Lazeez and Burrito Boyz are the places you’ll find me. There is a big debate on the best Shawarma and Burrito in Waterloo, but there shouldn’t be because these are #1. I also don’t love walking very far, and UberEats just came to Waterloo, so that makes life more convenient for everyone.

Did you join any clubs, if so, which one, and how was your experience with it?

In April, I applied for an executive with DECA Laurier and was appointed to the position of Vice President of Delegate Development – Cases. I have been a member of DECA since my early days of high school, but decided to take a year away from it during my first year. I really enjoyed what DECA at Laurier had to offer and how unique the team is from other universities so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. My role specifically involves writing cases for our case competitions that we will be putting on this year so this will be a new challenge for me. The best part of this role so far is the small, collaborative executive team we have and how eager every future delegate is. With a small team, we are able to better collaborate and work with each other with ease. It’s also great to see so many Laurier students interested in the club and being able to welcome them with open arms!

Did you do anything interesting or fun this summer, and if so tell us more about it!

I spent the 2 weeks of summer overseas in Israel taking part in the ENTR310 exchange course. A group of 15 Laurier students along with 5 students from the IDC Herzliya in Israel took part in this 3 week program with Laura Allan to learn more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem both in Waterloo and in Tel-Aviv. While in Israel we were able to see how the tech scene differed from ours in Canada, and what makes Israel so special as a country. We visited Tel-Aviv along with a number of other amazing locations including Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the Dead Sea. It was an amazing experience and definitely one of those places that I never thought I would go to in my life. However after being fully immersed in the country I can honestly say that I would go back in a heartbeat to once again see the amazing beaches and enjoy some Shawarma that is authentic (sorry Lazeez). It’s really uplifting to prove people’s expectations about the country as well when it comes up in conversation. After visiting the country you get to tell people that all their assumptions about it are wrong and it is an amazing place to be!

If you could choose anywhere to live in the world, where would it be and why?

I’m one of those people that is in love with Canada and wouldn’t give it up for the world, literally. I would want to live somewhere in Nova Scotia. It’s so different from everywhere else in Canada and it is such an amazing experience to be immersed in it. In Halifax, people are calm and always friendly since the city is only about the size of the Waterloo Region. It’s got everything I need, including seafood, hockey and the ocean!

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

I would want to do good things with it, but the first thing I would do is buy a nice car so I can drive to campus every day. Nothing flashy, maybe just a BMW M4 🙂 . I take the bus usually so that would help out. Aside from that I would invest most of it. With that amount of money I’d feel comfortable making more risky trades like options, especially since I’m so young, but it would be nice to trade a little bit.



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