Director of Events

Director of Events
The Director of Events will be the helping hand in creating, facilitating, and assisting the VP’s that bring to life the club's dreams. You will help plan and organize events, reach out to relevant speakers/sponsors, and bring the club's visions and plans to reality! You will work directly with the Co-VPs of Events and indirectly with the entire LEC team to plan and execute these events for both the Fall and Winter 2023/2024 term. This opportunity will give the selected candidate a great foundation in teamwork, event planning and execution, as well as a unique opportunity to integrate further into the Department of Economics at Laurier.

- Contribute to the planning and execution of each task in relation to the events hosted by LEC
- Communicate with LEC’s internal members as well as external members who could be industry professionals, students, alumni, or professors
- Attend all and assist the Co-VPs in hosting certain events hosted by LEC and ensuring they are run efficiently
- Add value to the event portfolio by brainstorming ideas and creative solutions to any problems that may arise
- The time commitment will be 3-4 hours per week during the Fall term, and 5 hours during the Winter term.

Qualifications & Requirements:
- Excellent communication skills (written and oral)
- Exceptional Presentation skills (stage presence, confidence, etc)
- Great interpersonal abilities
- Good leadership qualities
- Excellent organizational and coordinating abilities
- Impressive time management
- Ability to work as part of a team & an interest in developing friendships with LEC members
- Great team working ability
- Must be creative and able to prioritize tasks

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