Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing
The Director of Marketing role is an integrative role who will be working closely with the various portfolios amongst the Laurier Women Investment Society team. The purpose of this role is to promote the business and mission of our organization. This member will serve as a supporting member of the Marketing portfolio, and assist in coordinating and producing all materials representing the group.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Promoting awareness of the LWIS cause and publicizing LWIS events on campus and through social media platforms.
Manage and organize LWIS email chain list and execute broadcast emails
Collaborating with the VP of Events and event coordinators to develop marketing plans for LWIS events. These include designing posters, creative social media posts, as well as planning ticket sales.
Creating templates of the design and artwork for documents such as sponsorship packages and thank you cards to sponsors.
Create an easily navigated, visually pleasing and informative LWIS club website. Maintain regular upkeep of the domain and ensure information is up-to-date.
Ensure weekly social media posts are executed

Ideal candidate will possess:

Experience presenting data visually and creatively.
Strong communication skills (oral and written).
Ability to work collaboratively with their team and various internal LWIS executives.
Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize and work effectively in a deadline-oriented environment.
Any experience coding, using Photoshop, or any other digital marketing tools is considered a strong asset.
An understanding of and passion for the role and the purpose of our club.

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