Director of Training

Hours of Commitment: 7-9 hours/week

Number of Openings: 2

The Director of Training will report directly to and work closely with the VPs
of Delegate Development to create a positive experience for all DECA Laurier delegates.
The executive will be required to create training exercises and programs that offer
value to individuals both personally and academically. The Director of Training will also be responsible for ensuring that all delegates are engaged and immersed in the DECA Laurier experience.

- Excellent communication skills both verbally and written
- Strong leader with previous success in case competitions
- Outgoing, social and a warm personality
- Organized and is able to manage time efficiently and effectively

- Work Closely with the VPs of Delegate Development to develop a Delegate training
- Collect feedback from delegates and judges after each event and create
action items for each portfolio
- Develop training objectives and action plans catered to case analysis and
preparation for DECA Laurier competitions
- Act as a liaison between delegates and the Executive Team
- Other duties as assigned

You will receive an email regarding your status as a prospective candidate. If you are selected for an interview, you will be allowed to choose a time slot that best suits your schedule from a list of dates. Be prepared for a video interview between June 16th - June 24th. Please reach out to Norhan Salem ( or Yoav Benzaquen Gabriel ( with any questions or concerns.

Applications close June 15th
Link to apply: