Graphic Designer

The Laurier Economics Club is looking for a Graphic Designer to help aid the Vice President of Marketing in the club’s Marketing Department. We are looking for someone who is passionate and loves to display their creativity through design. You will be working with the Laurier Economics Club’s Executive Team to create content for the monthly newsletter, and help the Marketing Team update/design the website. The Graphic Designer will help develop marketing campaigns that engage and attract the Lazaridis community and sponsors. The Graphic Designer will also design and create content that promotes events, hiring, and the club.

● Work closely with the VP of Marketing to create social media content on all accounts
including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.
● Work with the Marketing team and collaborate with other portfolios to design and
create content for the monthly newsletters.
● Work closely with the VP of Marketing to design and create content on the Laurier
Economics Club’s website.
● Update the Laurier Economics Club’s website with the monthly newsletters, event
content, and academic articles.
● All executive members are required to attend all LEC executive team meetings, internal
socials/activities, and LEC events unless prior notice is given.

Qualifications & Requirements of the ideal candidate:
● Creative and resourceful in executing marketing tactics that will reach the ideal target
● Ability to respond timely to messages, and communicate well with others.
● Dedicated, hard-working, and willing to take initiative to design new content.
● Ability to use Canva and/or any other content-creating software is a must.
● Strong organizational and time-management skills.
● Previous marketing, design, and/or website experience is an asset.

Time Requirement:
5 – 10 hours a week (Times may fluctuate depending on time of the semester, events
requirements, etc.)

Apply here by September 19th at 11:59 pm: