Marketing & Events Coordinator

Marketing & Events Coordinator
We are looking for talented individuals to join the LEC team! We are hiring for a Marketing & Events Coordinator who's friendly, organized, creative, and able to work alongside the two portfolios.

As the Marketing & Events Coordinator for LEC, you will be:
The helping hand assisting the Events team, by planning and organize events, reaching out to relevant speakers/sponsors, and bringing the club's visions and plans to reality! You will also be creating and executing marketing materials and strategies to promote club events, attending bi-weekly meetings, assisting the Marketing portfolio in creating various content such as our digital newsletter. You will work closely with the Events and Marketing teams, and entire LEC team to plan and execute events for both the fall and winter terms.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
• Event ideation, planning, and execution suitable for students in the Laurier Community
• Communicating and reaching out to potential speakers and sponsors for different events
• Collaborating & assisting the Marketing portfolio by writing out event descriptions and details
• All executive members are required to attend all LEC executive team meetings, internal socials/activities, and LEC events unless prior notice is given

Time commitment: 4-7 hrs a week

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