Intercollegiate Business Convention

University: Harvard University
Club: Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business 
Event Date: February 7, 2021 
Fee: Free 
Registration Deadline: February 6, 2021 at 11:59pm 

The Intercollegiate Business Convention (IBC) is the largest student-run business conference in the world. It is also the keystone event organized by Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (HUWIB). Now in its sixteenth year, IBC attracts over 1,000 registrants and over 100 professionals from a diverse range of industries. Attendees will learn from four inspiring keynote speakers, interact with peers and professionals, and attend an exclusive career fair and networking sessions.

As a milestone for sixteen years of growth in size and opportunity, this year's IBC will focus on expansion and equality as we strive to bring the IBC experience to as many young women as possible. In particular, we strive to build a global support network and community of empowerment for collegiate women interested in business. We hope that IBC will continue to be a forum in which driven young women gain concrete skills and applicable advice and join a network of peers and inspiring professionals who will guide them throughout their careers.