Expense Reimbursement

If reimbursement requests are submitted to the Lazaridis Students’ Society (into the “Finance” dropbox) before Friday’s 2PM deadline, then they will be processed and submitted to the Students’ Union by their Tuesday 10AM deadline. The Students’ Union will then process each request that week and have the money available on that Friday.

  • While completing reimbursements please ensure you’re checking off LazSoc – not SU.
  • Please staple all applicable receipts/invoices to the BACK of the reimbursement (not the front). The Lazaridis Students’ Society Finance team needs to scan each one, and it is very inconvenient to have receipts on the front. If you have multiple receipts try to order them in the proper sequence and label them by how they should match up with the list on the front.
  • When submitting a reimbursement for a cash payment (if you paid by cash), be sure that the dollar amount is rounded ($6.53 rounds to $6.55). With the penny being gone, cash payments should be rounded to the nearest 5 cents.
  • Please make sure that all reimbursements state that the expense was actually paid (quotes are not accepted).
  • For access to your club’s account number, and other related finance questions, please email the VP of Finance (vpfinance@lazsoc.ca).

All finance documents can be found HERE