How to get involved?

Club involvement is a great way to meet peers and create opportunities for growth and development. Students are encouraged to become involved in clubs that appeal to their interests or career goals.The Lazaridis Students’ Society supports 20 business and economics clubs, which cater to student interests that range from accounting to marketing, leadership to online business, and everything in between.

Membership Opportunities

Clubs are looking for eager students to join their teams in a variety of positions. Check out the following membership opportunities:

  1. Club Member – Experience all that clubs have to offer! This member has access to all free club events and services, or will need to pay a small fee to attend other events. They will be added to club mailing lists to receive information for upcoming events.
  2. Club Executive – Take on a leadership role and develop your business skills by working on a club’s executive team. This role requires teamwork, planning, and coordination to allow for flawless execution of the clubs’ activities and mandates.
  3. Club President – Presidents are responsible for providing direction to the club’s executive team and helping guide a strong vision to enhance students’ university experience. This role requires a great amount of initiative and communication, organization, and teamwork skills.

Key Dates to Get Involved

  • Clubs Fair – September – Want to know more about us and the variety of business and economics clubs on campus? Stop by to learn more!
  • Fall Hiring Period – September – Clubs are looking for new members to join their team! Many are offering executive positions, general member spots, or roles specifically for first year students.
  • Winter Hiring Period – January – This is the main hiring period for the Lazaridis Students’ Society executive team — we’re looking for dedicated members to join our passionate team for the upcoming school year! Many clubs are also hiring their VP teams and other team positions in this period!
  • Spring Hiring Period – April – As the semester comes to an end, clubs are looking to refresh their teams. This hiring period is dedicated to finding individuals who will lead clubs as executive members during the next term.