Cases and Competitions

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Important Reminder

When you participate in any of the listed competitions/conferences, please do not forget to fill out the short form:

This is important as we want to support you through this amazing opportunity and hear you feedback post-event! Subsidies are available for competitions & conferences that require a fee. If you have any questions/concerns or want to attend an event that is not listed below, please contact, our Director of Conference and Competition.

Competition Subsidy Information

The LazSoc Competition Subsidy

Subsidy Policy

LazSoc may subsidize up to 50% of the fees up to $500 for a given conference or competition. Attendee will be responsible for any costs above and beyond the subsidy provided by LazSoc. If the attendee has received any other money from any other organizations, LazSoc may only subsidize up to 50% of the fees up to $500 for the above conference or competition. The maximum subsidy per student is $500 per fiscal year (May 2020 - April 2021). For any students attending international conferences, all dollar amounts are required to be recorded in Canadian dollars.

LazSoc will not cover food and beverage costs of any kind as well as any additional accommodation costs beyond the room itself. LazSoc will subsidize 50% of applicable transportation costs, excluding gasoline which is subsidized at 15¢/km.

Subsidy request forms may not necessarily be approved for funding if LazSoc deems an event does not provide value to Lazaridis Students' and the school community.

While attending the above noted conference or competition, you must conduct yourself in a respectable and appropriate manner that reflects positively on the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics and Wilfrid Laurier University.