Student Services

Mental Health Resources

To show our ongoing support to students and their overall wellbeing, LazSoc has put together a compilation of all the amazing mental health resources Laurier offers to students, as well as resources the Ontario province offers. We have also included some tips and stories from real students, for students. Click here for the comprehensive mental health resource kit.

PRISM Resources

Students enrolled full time in the School of Business and Economics are PRISM Resources Members. PRISM offers resources to our members, including exclusive access to computer labs, unlimited training courses and much more.  To read about all of the benefits of being a PRISM member, please visit PRISM Resources or speak with a Customer Service Representative at our Help Desk. 

Foot Patrol

519.886.FOOT (3668)

Foot Patrol is a volunteer operated walk-home service, available daily during evening hours. Male-female, radio-dispatched teams trained in Emergency First Aid are available on request to escort students to and from campus as well as to off-campus destinations, either by foot or by van.

Student Food Bank

All Laurier students are eligible to use the Student Food Bank. Anonymous requests can be made online at under the services tab. All dietary restrictions are accommodated, and food hapers typically last up to a week. For more information, please visit

Counselling Services & Peer Help Line

1-866-281-PEER (7337)

Counselling Services are available to help students deal with emotional, psychological, and social challenges at university. Counselling, consultations, and referrals are available on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building (across from Heath Services), Monday-Thursday 8:30am - 8:00pm, Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm. Peer Help Line, a confidential listening, referral, information and support line, is available during evening hours to provide support.

Study Spots Around Campus