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Are you looking for a co-op position, summer internship, full- time work, or to build your network with reputable companies and passionate alumni? On Thursday, November 26, Come out to the first annual Lazaridis Networking Gala!

The Lazaridis Networking Gala is a formal and dinner where you will have the opportunity to network with recruiters, alumni, and employers – many of which are interested in hiring students!

On the night of the event, buses will transport you to Bingemans Conference Centre where you will partake in half an hour of networking, during cocktail hour. Following this, you will have the opportunity to enjoy dinner with two employers, recruiters, or alumni. Seating arrangements will be based on your interests and the area of expertise of our guests. The employers, recruiters, and alumni will receive your LinkedIn information in advance of the event.

Stay tuned for our keynote reveal! The night will conclude with with more networking and some employers may conduct interviews if they so choose!

If you’re interested in meeting employees and recruiters from companies such as KPMG, TD, IBM, Pepsico, and many more in this exclusive setting, don’t miss out on buying your ticket to the Lazaridis Networking Gala!

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Past Events

O-Day 2015

Orientation Day 2015 is an exclusive event for incoming Business & Economics first year students, held on Sunday, September 13th, 2015. For over 8 years, the SBESS has been able to host this amazing event to give incoming students a true introduction into the School of Business & Economics and experience everything it has to offer.

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Year End Gala 2014

The School of Business & Economics Students’ Society focuses on establishing innovative programs and instilling a passion for excellence among all of the students within the School of Business & Economics. This year we are hosting the first ever Year End Gala for all undergraduate business and economics students to attend. The event will be taking place on March 29th at Bingemans Conference Centre. This event will have undergraduate students, faculty, alumni and George Emerson from LinkedIn as our distinguished guest speaker attending a dinner and awards ceremony together. Let’s celebrate a year in achievement together!

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