Gender Inclusivity & Biases

Gender Inclusivity & Biases

Gender Inclusivity:

We encourage you to ask for someone’s pronouns instead of assuming and use those pronouns when addressing that person. Furthermore, It is important to utilize non-gendered language in addition to gender neutral pronouns because it can be harmful and erase people’s identity to imply that there are only 2 genders. 

Implementing inclusive language can look like:

  • Saying “Hi everyone/friends” instead of “Hey guys”
  • Saying “Guests/students” instead of “Ladies and gentlemen”
  • Saying “That person/they” instead of “He/she”


Biases & Prejudice:

Biases and prejudices have the ability to affect our daily lives. They are everywhere, from our friends, to our workplaces, to ourselves. We often have reservations toward different groups of people, regardless if we mean to, or are even aware. 

To overcome implicit biases, make sure to explore and identify your own prejudices. Moreover, keep an open mind, reduce stress, and take time before responding. Research has shown that you are more likely to be biased under pressure and reflecting on your words can help reduce reflexive actions. Practice perspective-taking and consider experiences from the point of view of another person. Ultimately, evaluate situations and behaviour based on character, not background

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