Our Favourite Spots

Recommended places to visit around Waterloo

Yang Yum: Secret Korean Recipe

"My favourite spot to get take out is Yang Yum. It is quite literally a hidden gem. Their Dosirak (Korean lunch box) is my go-to after a long day of studying. It comes with a little bit of everything, and hits the spot everytime." - Simran A.

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Waterloo Park

"It's one of the first places I visited when I got to Waterloo. There were some great memories that we had there from watching the Llamas in the fall to skating on the bridge in the winter." - Bradley R.

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Chef on Call

"My favourite spot would have to be Chef on Call! They have the most amazing milkshakes and sandwiches. The sauce is just incredible! I definitely recommend getting Chef on Call at least once during your time at Laurier!" - Khooshbu D.

Chef on Call's Website

Bao Sandwich Bar

"My favourite place has to be Bao. It's a well known classic if you're a local but a hidden gem if you're not. If you know what you're looking for, if you know what's good for you and if you love good food it's the one place you gotta go." - Andrew L.

Bao's Website

Uptown Waterloo

"As much I love the atmosphere of downtown cities, with high rises and busy streets, another side of me falls in love with cute little towns with family owned restaurants and boutiques. Not only is this part filled with activity, from human size board games to food truck festivals, but it is surrounded with such wonderful people." - Julie T.

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Foodie Fruitie

"Go-to place for Japanese and Chinese food, has a large menu for variety of food items. Definitely recommend their ramen, it's a good amount for a good price. It also has desserts and boba." - Julia Z.

Foodie Fruitie's Website