About LazSoc

Who are we?

The Lazaridis Students' Society ("LazSoc") is a student-run organization at the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics. We oversee 21 subsidiary clubs, associations, and committees made up of 6,000+ undergraduate students.

What do we do?

LazSoc strives to enrich the Lazaridis student experience beyond the classroom. Our clubs host a variety of events throughout the year which provide opportunities for learning new skills, networking, and personal growth. 

Our Team

Haleigh Running


Hi, my name is Haleigh Running and I am one of the LazSoc Co-Presidents for the 2020-2021 academic year. I am a third year BBA student also pursuing a minor in psychology. This academic year marks my third year as part of the LazSoc executive team, previously serving as First year representative and Executive Assistant on the Executive Leadership Team.

The thing I love most about LazSoc is the community we are a part of. Our Clubs committees and associations are filled with talented and ambitious individuals. The people I have met throughout my time at LazSoc have been incredible and has truly made my university experience even better than expected. There is a club and a place for everyone in this community!

I love speaking with students and meeting new people wherever I can. Please, if you ever are looking for answers to questions or just looking to chat, reach out and I am happy to have a conversation. You can reach me at haleigh.running@lazsoc.ca
Gabriela Morales


Hi, my name is Gabriela Morales and I am one of the LazSoc Co-Presidents for the 2020-2021 academic year. I am a fourth year BBA and BA Financial Math student concentrating in accounting with plans to pursue the CPA designation. Outside of LazSoc, I am part of the co-op program and was a Residence Life Don for two years.

In regards to my Lazaridis experience, I’d say what I love most is the sense of community and all of the people I have met along the way. Our clubs’ community is a great way to meet new people and develop new skills so I highly encourage everyone to get involved in any capacity that they can.

I love meeting new people and answering any questions you may have so please feel free to reach out! You can reach me at gabriela.morales@lazsoc.ca
Andrew Liutiev

Vice President of Technology

Hi my name is Andrew Liutiev and I am LazSoc's Vice President of Technology! I have been given the opportunity to lead an amazing team this year. We will be working together to innovate our digital platforms and create new ways engaging students especially during these times. If you have any ideas on how to improve student involvement across digital platforms shoot me a message!

As for advice, I got this from a mentor of mine but get involved and stay positive. You never know where your next opportunity is going to come from, so put yourself out there. "Many of us look back and will admit there was an element of chance, luck or simply being in the right place at the right time in landing opportunities. But you know what? Having a positive attitude will turn 'chance' into 'chances'. Positive attitudes draw people in, leave positive impressions and open doors you didn't know existed." - Casey Kretz. It's only a matter of time.

Please reach out if there is anything I can help you with :)

Deveena Bharat

Product Management Director

Hi! My name is Deveena and I'm a second year BBA & Computer Science double degree student. I’m the Product Management Director for LazSoc this year, and my role involves managing our website and Shopify platforms, as well as being the liaison between LazSoc and all of our clubs for everything technology related.

I’m so excited to be part of the team this year, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish! I’m always willing to chat, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to grab coffee!
Michael Veloso

Software Developer

Hi my name is Michael Veloso and I am a software developer for LazSoc 2020/2021. My role is to help make our digital platforms easily accessible and well organized to ensure students have the best experience when looking into what LazSoc has to offer.

I am a 3rd year BBA/Computer Science student and I’m most interested in pursing a future career involving marketing and databases but that can honestly change at any moment. Thanks to the Co-op program at Laurier, I have experience as a Python Programmer/Business Analyst and if you would like to hear more on that please hit me up.

My advice for any incoming students is to try as many new things as you can. This is a time in your life meant for experiencing new things and finding out what you like (and don’t like) so don’t be afraid of failing, you got plenty of time.

If you have any questions about me, the program I am in or my experience with Laurier or Co-op, please feel free to message me.

Hani Ly

Software Developer

Hello! My name is Hani Ly and I am one of LazSoc’s software developers for this year. As a software developer, my role is to help build and maintain LazSoc’s digital platforms to enhance the experience of all our users. We have many exciting projects planned for this year so stay tuned for more updates!

I am currently a 2nd year student in BBA and Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. My advice for incoming students is to work hard and be resilient. The biggest rewards don’t come easily and learning to deal with obstacles and failure is an essential part of growth. But don’t forget to have some fun while you’re at it!

If you have any suggestions, questions about my program, or just want to chat, please feel free to message me.
Cierra Bird

Vice President of Operations

Hi! My name is Cierra Bird, I am going into my 4th year of BBA and I am Lazsoc’s Vice President of Operations. I am so lucky to be able to lead such a talented and passionate portfolio, and cannot wait to see what we accomplish this year. Our team will plan and execute all of Lazsoc’s amazing events this year (O-Day, LNG, YEG, philanthropy, the list goes on!).

I am concentrating in Marketing & Sustainability and am also in co-op, so if you want to learn more about marketing or my experience in the co-op program, I would love to chat.

Being at Laurier is the experience of a lifetime, so make the most of your time here and get involved! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you want to grab coffee!
Julia Mercier

Events Manager

Hi! My name is Julia Mercier, this year’s Events Manager on LazSoc! I am going into my second year of BBA, and I am very excited to continue being involved in the Laurier community this year. I cannot wait to offer valuable events and experiences to the students of Laz and to see what our amazing team will accomplish this year!
Katia Izvoztchikova

Events Manager

Hi, my name is Katia Izvoztchikova and I am one of the Events Manager on Lazsoc this year! I will be heading into my 2nd year as a BBA student, and I couldn’t be more excited. As an Events Manager, one of my key roles will be organizing and executing all flagship events such as Grad Ball, O-Day, LNG, and YEG. So keep an eye out for those, and if you have any questions about any of our events feel free to reach out.

I am thrilled to be joining this team of incredibly motivated students, in order to help support and enhance your experience within the Lazaridis Community. One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned from my time at Laurier is that everyone is going through the same thing. You never have to feel scared or alone, and there are so many resources for you if you need support. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others, as everyone at Laurier is incredibly accepting and will do their best to help you out! If you ever need someone to talk to or some tips about how to best handle a course, I’d be more than happy to chat!
Victoria Hunt

Director of Philanthropy

Hi! My name is Victoria Hunt, this year I am the Director of Philanthropy on LazSoc. I am going into my third year in the BBA program here at Laurier this coming September. Within my time here at Laurier I have found a passion for incorporating philanthropic initiatives into business endeavors within the student body and further into the Waterloo community. I am beyond grateful and excited to use this platform to continue important conversations such as Bell Let’s Talk, Movember and more as the year progresses. There is power in numbers and I cannot wait to see what this team and this community can accomplish.
Khooshbu Desai

Vice President of Marketing

Hi, my name is Khooshbu and I’m the Vice President of Marketing for LazSoc! I am going into my third year of the Economics and Management Program with the co-op option.

This year I have the opportunity to lead a talented portfolio and work alongside them on initiatives such as Startup of the Month, Humans of Laz and Business Casual. I’m also fortunate to introduce our brand new podcast, Laz Chatz, and do something that has not been done before!

Through getting involved, not only have I grown professionally and personally, but I have also met so many amazing people. Laurier offers numerous opportunities for everyone and I believe that’s what brings so much diverse and incredible talent to our student body – so make sure you get involved! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!
Sean Cornelius

Projects Manager

Hi, my name is Sean Cornelius. I am the Projects Manager on the marketing team this year and currently pursuing my BBA, entering second year. I am a native of London, Ontario and grew up playing hockey and obsessing over airplanes. My previous experiences come from running my own marketing firm where I helped clients like TD Canada-Trust, Dashlane and ZARA create content for generation-z audiences and I currently work as a Marketing Manager at a telecommunications company back home.

My advice to anyone in the Lazaridis community would be to be brave, don’t be afraid to put yourself in new and uncomfortable situations or try something you’ve always wanted to do. The great thing about not only Lazsoc, but also the 20+ clubs and associations we look after is that there is constantly something new and exciting to do.

If you’d like to connect, just reach out. I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Elaine Cheung

Marketing Manager

Hello, my name is Elaine, and I’m a second-year BBA student and the Marketing Manager for LazSoc! I promote our events and brand strategies on our social media platforms. I’ll also (most likely) be the point of contact if you message us on any of our pages!

I’m excited to collaborate with the team to deliver amazing opportunities to students. Ultimately, I strive to continue building and fostering a welcoming environment for the entire Laurier community 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you all at our events!
Jessica Wong

Design Director

Hi, my name is Jessica Wong and I am the Design Director on LazSoc! As a 2nd year BBA student, I am excited work with our amazing team on marketing projects throughout the year such as Humans of Laz. The Lazaridis community and its student body have so much to offer which is what makes getting involved so valuable. Being involved in the Laurier community has taught me so much and led me to meet incredible people. I cannot wait to see what our team accomplishes this year!
Angela Huo

Design Director

Hi, my name is Angela and I am one of the two Design Directors on LazSoc who create visuals for the club’s social media and promotions. I am incredibly excited to work with a team of ambitious and passionate individuals who aim to provide Laurier’s students with a fun and enriching university experience!

As a second-year BBA student, I cannot stress enough of the importance of actively engaging in the Lazaridis community. LazSoc, along with the 20+ clubs and associations, which provide many opportunities for students to learn from others, demonstrate their skills, and build new connections—so be sure not to miss out on them!
Stella Chen

Multimedia Manager

Hi! My name is Stella and I’m the Multimedia Manager for LazSoc, responsible for all things photography and videography. I am so proud to be working on a team of such talented, passionate and inspiring individuals. I have always been in love with photography and editing, and am so excited to merge that with my passion for business!

As a fourth year BBA student, I can confidently say getting involved on campus is what made my past few years at Laurier some of the best. With over 20 clubs and associations under LazSoc, there’s something for everyone! My advice would be to not be afraid to put yourself out there! These next few years are a time for you to experience all that the Laurier experience has to offer. If you ever have any questions regarding my program, role or undergrad experience, please don’t be afraid to reach out at stella.chen@lazsoc.ca!
Arianne Frigillana

Merchandise & Brand Manager

Hi, my name is Arianne Frigillana and I’m a third-year student in the BBA program with co-op option! I was raised in the Philippines where I cultivated a passion for all things creative - photography, design, fashion, and everything in between. Through Lazsoc, I have the unique ability to channel these interests all the while contributing to the student experience of 6,500+ undergrads in the faculty.

As the Merchandise & Brand Manager, I’m responsible for the end-to-end execution of our merchandising strategies. From design to delivery, I oversee all aspects of our internal team’s merch as well as our independent clothing brand — Business Casual. This year, I could not be more excited to be working with a team full of bright, talented, and passionate people. I look forward to meeting all of you at our events and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

E: arianne.frigillana@lazsoc.ca
Mackenzie Sparks

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Hello! My name is Mackenzie Sparks and I am a second year BBA student. I am very excited to be starting my role of Vice President of Internal Affairs at LazSoc this year. Everyone on the team brings such value and experience that I can’t wait to watch and learn as much as I can over this year. I am lucky to be leading a portfolio of talented students who are going to bring a lot to the LazSoc table.

Outside of school you can find me on the water in my sprint canoe. The only place I’d rather be than in the halls of Laz is on the water!
Rachel Megit

Director of Internal Relations

Silvia Mustafaja

Director of Administrative Affairs

Hi everyone! My name is Silvia Mustafaja, I am currently in my third year of the BBA program. This year, I am so excited to be taking on the role as the Director of Administrative Affairs on LazSoc. Within this role, I will be responsible for providing administrative support to the Presidents and VP of Internal Affairs. I am so proud to be working alongside a team of passionate, hardworking individuals who aim to ensure students within the Lazaridis community have the most GOLDEN university experience!

I believe life is too short and that you should take advantage of every opportunity you come across. Receiving a degree is one thing, but making your time here at Laurier memorable by being involved, building connections, and creating life-long friendships are the real values of your university experience. There is nothing that I am more passionate about than helping students within the Lazaridis community and adding value to their time here at Laurier.
If you are ever looking for advice, or simply someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to reach out, I’d be happy to chat!
Jared Wilke

Vice President of Finance

Hi, my name is Jared Wilke and I am the Vice President of Finance for LazSoc this year. Myself along with the Finance team are responsible for managing the financial activity of all of our clubs and associations that make the Laz experience so valuable!

I am in the Economics and Financial Management program, along with the Co-op option and have had the opportunity to work in finance and the capital markets. If you have any questions about any of these things I am happy to chat.
Travis Braine

External Director of Finance

Hello! My name is Travis Braine, I am an External Director of Finance here at LazSoc. I am entering into my second year of the BBA program and looking forward to my second year with the LazSoc family!

I am very excited to provide the students of Laz with as much value and assistance as possible.
Similar to my colleagues, I am a strong believer in getting involved and making the most of your experience at Laurier. There are so many great opportunities, events, and clubs that can introduce you to new people and new interests that you wouldn’t have been exposed to before.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and helping in anyway that I can!
Prateek Bedi

External Director of Finance

Hi! My name is Prateek Bedi. I am an External Director of Finance for LazSoc this year and am excited for my first year here on LazSoc. I am currently in the BBA program and going into my second year. I look forward to working with the many amazing clubs that are under LazSoc and providing the students of Lazardis with excellent opportunities to be a part of the Laurier community. I also cannot wait to learn and gain insight from my peers while helping other students in anyway I can. As for upcoming first years, do not be afraid to get involved with the many clubs here at Laurier and attend as many events as possible to build that strong network!
Lauren Pope

External Director of Finance

Hi, my name is Lauren Pope and I am one of the External Directors of Finance on LazSoc! I am going into my second year of the BBA program and I am super excited for my first year working with LazSoc. Throughout the year I am looking forward to creating an environment where the mutual collaboration, benefits, and value sharing is established through fostered relationships between all 21 clubs under the Lazaridis Students’ Society. In addition to LazSoc, I am also a part of the Human Resources Laurier club as the Director of Corporate Relations.

Getting involved with clubs during my first year was the best decision I’ve ever made, and is a great way to make the most of your experience at Laurier. There are so many amazing opportunities and events to discover new interests, and build valuable relationships with other students and industry professionals! Being a part of a club’s executive team can give you the opportunity to work in a professional, business-like environment to further explore your interests and gain valuable experience. If you have any questions feel free to reach out anytime, I would love to chat 🙂
Niko Chilakos

Internal Director of Finance

Hello! My name is Niko Chilakos and I am the Internal Director of Finance for Lazsoc this year. I am entering my 2nd year of BBA at Laurier and am super excited to be able to work alongside so many great people, while also trying to make the university experience an enjoyable one for all. Going into my second year, the one piece of advice that I could offer to anyone is to get involved, regardless of if its once a week or twice a semester. You will never know who you will meet by joining a club or a team, and from past experiences those people could be lifechangers. If you need advice, have any questions, or just want to chat, please feel free to reach out to me at niko.chilakos@lazsoc.ca
Julie Tanna

Director of C&C

Hi! My name is Julie and I’m LazSoc’s Director of Conference and Competition. I am a third year BBA/Financial Math student with the co-op option and have a strong interest in pursuing a CFA designation.

I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to help Laurier students attend valuable competitions & conferences all across the globe. I believe getting involved within the Laurier community is one of the best ways to enhance your university experience. Not only are you able to develop your skills through various clubs and organizations of your interest, but you will meet such amazing people along the way!

If you have any questions regarding my program, opportunities at Laurier, attending a competition/conference and anything in between, please don’t hesistate to reach out at julie.tanna@lazsoc.ca. I’m more than happy to chat!
Thomas Andress

Vice President of Corporate Relations

Hi, my name is Thomas Andress and I am LazSoc’s Vice President of Corporate Relations! I have been given the opportunity to lead an incredible team this year. We will be working together to maintain relationships with our existing corporate partners and to cultivate new ones with exciting companies! Speaking of … if you know anyone who works at a cool company shoot me a message (sorry for the shameless plug).

And I have one piece of advice, especially for incoming first years … GET INVOLVED! Laurier has so much to offer, so take advantage of every opportunity you can! The memories and connections you make and the skills you develop will last a lifetime!

Please don’t be a stranger and reach out if there is anything I can help you with 🙂
Ethan Thompson

Director of Sponsorship

Hi! I’m Ethan, Director of Sponsorship for Lazsoc 2020/2021. I’m in my 3rd year of Economics with a management option. Throughout my time at Laurier, I’ve learned the importance of getting involved. I know my colleagues agree when I say getting involved is the best way to meet new friends, share new experiences, and create everlasting memories. I have been involved with many different areas of Laurier life and am excited to begin this year with LazSoc. I am looking forward to bringing some amazing sponsors to our LazSoc events this year, and providing the best possible experience for all of our members.
Bella Brodeur

Director of Corporate Outreach

Hi, my name is Bella Brodeur and I’m a second year BBA & Financial Math double degree student. As the Director of Corporate Outreach, I work alongside an amazing team to cultivate meaningful corporate relationships that create opportunities to foster student development and achievement.
The transition to remote learning has been a challenge—but it’s one we’ve embraced with emboldened creativity and inspiration! I’m looking forward to all the cool initiatives LazSoc devises to deliver to you that same renowned Laurier undergraduate experience.

My most valuable piece of advice is also the most cliché: get involved, step outside your comfort zone, seek opportunities that challenge you. University is a pivotal chance to grow and I encourage you to take risks and make friends—so at the very least, you won’t be pulling all-nighters alone.

Always happy to chat and answer any questions I can whether it’s about Laurier, being a don—which is what I do with the rest of my time, or the best coffee on campus 🙂
Maddie Kenny

Director of Alumni Relations

Hey! My name is Maddie Kenny and I am the Director of Alumni Relations on the Lazaridis Students’ Society. As a part of the Corporate Relations Portfolio, we seek to build and maintain a large network of corporate relationships, as well as provide opportunities for students to foster meaningful connections of their own. As a second year BBA student, my one piece of advice is to take a step out of your comfort zone. Apply for clubs, attend events, take some cool electives, explore Waterloo, and try something new. You never know who you may meet along the way.

I am so fortunate to work alongside such a passionate team of students, and am beyond excited for what this year holds. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to chat!
Catalina Garzon

Vice President of Club Strategy

Hi, my name is Catalina Garzon and I’m a third year BBA student. I am this year’s Vice President of Club Strategy, where we help to provide the utmost value to all Lazaridis students with our diverse 21 clubs and committees. It’s the perfect community to join to meet your future industry professionals and get real exposure to the many functional areas of business. The strategy role is interesting and exciting because it keeps challenging me to problem solve or analyze club situations in new ways! I recommend all Laurier students to find something you’re passionate about and that challenges you, to be a part of during your university experience!

Outside the Laz walls, I love to travel, paint and read! If you have any club, academic, co-op, or miscellaneous questions, I am always happy to help!
Isaac Boutin

Director of Club Strategy

Hi, my name is Isaac Boutin and I am the Director of Club Strategy on Lazsoc. As part of the Club Strategy portfolio, my job is to provide support to all of the Lazsoc clubs and associations to ensure that students have a great experience! I was drawn to this role because I was fortunate enough to have been heavily involved in the clubs community during my first year at Laurier. These experiences taught me the importance and benefits of getting involved. I highly recommend for you to get involved, our clubs community is so diverse there’s something for everyone!

I am entering my second year of the BBA program this fall and am always welcome to meeting new people. If you ever have any questions or just want to chat, please feel free to reach out.