About LIRA

At LIRA, our goal is to raise awareness for an under-appreciated, lucrative and diverse industry. Through our networking events, case competition, and our Assigned Industry Mentor (AIM) program. This year, some special events include an alum luncheon as well as a case competition. There is a place for you in insurance and risk management!

Assigned Industry Mentorship (AIM) program

LIRA has an Assigned Industry Mentorship (AIM) program, where each student is connected with a professional in the insurance or risk management industries. All students (mentees) and industry professionals (mentors) fill out an entry questionnaire so that each student is matched with a professional that is best suited to help them achieve their career goals. Students meet with their mentors throughout the semester to discuss career goals and plans, and to seek actionable advice from mentors on how to achieve these
goals. Mentors provide their mentees with the necessary knowledge, tools and connections to help them secure internships or to lead them to their desired career path.

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