Laurier Sales Association

About LSA

The Laurier Sales Association is a club within the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics that offers students a variety of opportunities within the field of sales. We hold a broad array of Sales events that range from workshops with corporate sponsors, to speaker panel industry nights. All of our events provide Laurier students with a realm of sales skill that can be translated too many real life situations.

LSAs Mission

LSA looks to target as many sales-oriented students in the Laurier community as possible. We provide value to these students by holding workshops, panels, industry nights, and networking events where students within the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics can gain exposure to sales in many different industries. In our workshops, students can learn soft sales skills from industry professionals who have had years of experience. Many of our workshops include face to face pitches where students can then apply what they have learned and pitch a product/service to the group to receive constructive feedback.

One of the biggest values our club provides is the exposure we offer into career opportunities through meeting industry professionals from a broad variety of well known corporations. Many of our sponsors come to our events in hopes of hiring, resonating with first years and co-op students, all the way to postgraduates. Providing these experiences for our student body provide individuals the chance to explore the field of sales and discover how these skills are so wildly transferrable into any and every industry.

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