About LSA

The Laurier Sales Association is all about introducing students to the exciting world of sales. We organize industry panels, case competitions, skill workshops, and networking events. You'll have the chance to connect with professionals, and gain real-world insights into the sales industry. Our ultimate aim is to equip you with practical sales skills and knowledge that'll give you an edge in any career you pursue!

Our Mission

As the only sales-focused club in the Lazaridis community, our mission is to build an environment where students can cultivate their enthusiasm for sales, build unshakable confidence in their abilities, and achieve outstanding success in their future careers.

One of the biggest values our club provides is the exposure we offer into career opportunities through meeting industry professionals from a broad variety of well known corporations. Many of our sponsors come to our events in hopes of hiring, resonating with first years and co-op students, all the way to postgraduates. Providing these experiences for our student body provide individuals the chance to explore the field of sales and discover how these skills are so wildly transferrable into any and every industry.

Questions and Answers