DECA Laurier

Work. Play. Win.


At DECA's case competitions, we offer a large variety of cases for our delegates to compete in. These include marketing management, B2B, human resources, policy & law, travel & tourism, accounting, fashion retail, stock pitch, project management, and more! Wherever your interest lies in, DECA will provide a case that will appeal to you!
The biggest difference that comes with getting involved in DECA Laurier is the sense of community that is present in the university environment with DECA. The club community with Lazsoc, and DECA at Laurier is one that is very supportive and rewarding. There is a large group of people in the community who are motivated, like minded individuals who can play a great role in positively impacting your undergraduate university experience.
Head to and sign up for our email list at the bottom of the page. An email regarding delegate sign up will be sent out shortly. Stay tuned on our Instagram @decalaurier. Make sure you register as a delegate with DECA Laurier AND DECA U. Further instructions to be emailed.